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Your Home Organising and Coaching Service

Decluttering and organising your home

Decluttering and having an organised home

This service is for you if you feel you have too much within your home, it is affecting you and you want to feel  proud to have guests in your home. 

This will be about streamlining what you have and making decisions about your belongings.  

The time it will take will depends on how many rooms will you need organising and how busy your home is.  I will always be mindful of how sentimental your items may be and I understand what happens to them can be a big decision. 

A 3 hour minimum session starts at £120

Sorting out paperwork 

It's amazing how much paper we can accumulate.   If you've reached the time where you need to sort through your paperwork, I can help you.  I can set up filing systems and bring creative ideas that give you easy access to everything you may need.  

This offering is made up of a 1 hour video call or telephone conversation to discuss the paperwork and agree on a system that will work for you.  This will be followed by a minimum 2 hour session at your home.   

A 3 hour minimum session starts at £120

Sorting and clearing out paperwork

Moving house

Decluttering and moving house in an organised way

We all know that moving is stressful and that's why it can really help to sort through your things and decide what you want to keep and what it's time to let go of.  

We will work together to consider the following: 

1.  What will fit into your new home

2.  The image you have of your new home and how will it look
     and feel
3.  Design your current house so that  potential buyers can visualise
    themselves living there

Once in your new home, I can unpack and display your belongings to meet your requirements.

This will be charged at the 5 hour day rate of £200 per day.

Domestic project management

Do you have a project at home where time just does not allow you to manage this yourself.  I would be happy to do this for you.  From running numerous projects throughout my career, and training others how to do so, I know what it takes to run a project that delivers against your needs.

Whether big or small, known project management tools will be used to manage the time and people involved.  This project could also involve administrative work.

This will be charged at the 5 hour day rate at £200.

Home projects


Coaching & Transformational Change 

Are you in a position where you're restricted by your own mindset?  Do you need to make some changes but you're not sure where to start?  Coaching can make a real difference to you.  I will provide a safe space for you to tackle these personal challenges, identify options and determine which solutions will work for you.

As coaching is tailored to help you, the list of what can be covered is exhaustive.  Perhaps you are struggling with managing your time, you lack confidence or have concerns about managing change or  changing habits.  

As  a qualified Coach, I  have over 15 years' experience coaching clients with a wide variety of needs. 

Coaching is charged at £65 per hour.  You will receive a contract, which also contains terms and conditions prior to starting your coaching.

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